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There are tons of realistic games. There are plenty of 8-bit games. There are several 1-bit games. This is a 0-bit game*.

*and definitely not a cover-up for my complete lack of art skill

(Important note: Before playing, find a quiet place and use headphones, or else this game will be very hard to impossible)

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • R to reset a level.
  • Space to skip the opening narration if you’ve already heard it before.

There are only 6 unpolished levels because I didn’t have much time this weekend, and this was also the first time I did LD solo. Regardless, I hope you have fun and I would appreciate any feedback, even if there’s not much to leave feedback on.

Also, the narration will tell you how to play, but in case you missed something or want to reread information on previous levels, you can find the game’s script at this Google doc (spoiler warning, of course).


Programming, sound, and graphics (lol) by Anderson Wang.

Made in HaxeFlixel.

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Published Jul 31, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags0-bit, Ludum Dare 39
LinksLudum Dare

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